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Our installations

Dressage Boarding
The installations

Everything here has been conceived to best respect the horses’ well-being :

The stalls
The size of the stalls for working horses corresponds to their build as they measure 4 meters by 3.5 meters, that is, a total of 14 square meters so as to make them as comfortable as possible.
The stables are divided by a 3.5 meter-wide corridor that allows foals and entire horses to be handled safely.
The tacking up and shower area has a rubber floor so as to limit any risk of slipping.

The arena
Just next to the stables, the arena is designed according to the official Olympic measurements of 60 meters by 20 meters.
The sand is adapted to the horses’ regular work and is sprinkled with water daily.
Lighting allows us to work at any time.
With a pine forest on its border, our arena is sheltered from the Mistral wind and so offers ideal working conditions.

The lunging ring
It is surrounded by a 1.6 meter high wall and is equipped with very good quality sand that is watered every time it is used.
20 meters wide , it offers safe lunging conditions while preserving the horses’ joints.

The paddocks
Every horse in our stables has an individual paddock in which he is released every day after his working session and where he has enough food and water for the day.
The fences are electrified by wires 1.80 meters from the ground, on all four sides..